On August 26, VPBankS TALK#2 conference “”Accumulate position – Get ready to explode”” took place at Sheraton Hanoi hotel.

At the seminar, experts made objective comments on the macroeconomic situation in the period from now to the end of 2023 and the first half of 2024. Although the market still has variables, it can be said that The market is in the accumulation phase to enter a strong “take-off” period in 2024-2025. Besides, 3 groups of stocks of securities, real estate, and banking will also be the industry groups that will receive great attention in the market.

With the orientation of “cultivating and creating prosperity for customers”, at the seminar, VPBank Securities also officially introduced and launched VPBankS Research with a system of diverse reporting products, with a team of experts. Experienced analyst.