Parallel with our experience and expertise in organizing and managing events, NguyenLe has been able to develop a business network with a broad spectrum of organizations and institutions, public and non-public, which in turn become beneficial for our client's interest.

Having developed our ability to mobilize readily the services of contingent of media personnel and established collaboration with key positions in major mass media including the national television, NguyenLe is committed to opening the shortest cut that familiarizes the consumer with our clients' goods and services through effective and most cost-effective use of the media.


- Providing consultancy to the press

- Providing press-related information and database

- Draft and circulate press releases

- Expanding a theme, reserving space or ordering writings for newspapers

- Develop orpertunities to conduct interview

- Monitoring, supervising, coordinating and collecting press-related information


- Developing television commercials

- Reserving time slots for commercials

- Coverage of events on television

- Producing documentaries

- Shooting commercials and photographs

- Shooting documentaties and photographs

- Developing theme slides

- Producing subtitles in various langagues

- Dubbing

- Writing narration or commentaries