Events organization

For NguyenLe, organizing events has always been a dynamic, youthful and fervent passion for a natural reason events themselves are ever extremely lively novelties. More than anyone else, we realize the importance and significance of a successful event. In managing and executing our programmes, we are not infrequently face with problems originating from subcontractors. Having determining service standards and aimed to be able to control management in our hand, NguyenLe has initiated various sections to control the schedule and quality to ensure the best services for our clients. And this is the real source of our success. Various sections, responsible for conference equipment supply, media, designing and printing, stage design and setup, as well as other services support sections have been established for that end. These sections interact with each other in close collaboration and coordination to ensure the success of every event. They event establish themselves as mature entities to attract clients for their respective section, thus contributing to the common maturity and growth of NguyenLe.

With a long-term development strategy in mind, the rightly focused investment of the Management of NguyenLe in equipment and personnel have contributed to the success of a series of events that NguyenLe has organised. Meeting the most difficult requirements of the hardest to please clients in spectacular impressions in terms of space and timing has always been our attainable objective.

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