Event assistant services

Event support services play a significant and essential role to the success of an event. We have gained practical experience, expertise and knowledge, as well as developed, sustained and built on the excellent relationship we share with our partners and suppliers. NguyenLe is willing to share our knowledge, expertise, know-jow as well as provide the best services and personnel to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

We are not restricted ourselves to full-package services, we also care for singled out services of our clients who agree that they are met with enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility.

Today many international and domestic event companies have selected and relied on the event support services provided by NguyenLe.

* Providing human resources

High-level skilled personnel:

- Experts in various fields

- Highly skilled interpreters and translators

* Human resources in support of events

- Providing artistic performers

- Providing masters of ceremonies (MC)

- Providing models

- Providing protocol officers, receptionist

- Providing AV technicians

- Providing security guards and personnel

- Providing other event human resources

* Welcoming and seeing off VIP at airports

- Welcoming and seeing off at immigration or the aircraft ramp

- Helping to expediate check-ins and chek-outs

- Helping expediate luggage delivery

- Elegant, luxurious cars for welcoming VIP dignatories at the aircraft ramp

- Helping expediate check-ins and check-outs at hotels

* Transportation services

- Providing car pickups

- Providing cars, vans or buses for meetings, workshops or tourism purposes

- Providing cars, vans and buses for weddings

- Providing car rental services on requests