Equipment rental

Equipment rental service for meetings and conferences is one of NguyenLe's key spears. We are proud to be the leader in providing projection equipment as well as interpretation equipment in Vietnam.

NguyenLe akes pride in meeting the demand in terms of quantity as well as quality of the rental equipment of international standard. Many international and domestic event organizing companies have also selected NguyenLe for equipment procurement of events they organized in Vietnam.

To be able to achieve and retain this standard, NguyenLe has been making constant and continuous financial investments, continuously updating ourselves with the world's most sophisticated and cutting-edge technology equipment, and training and retraining our staff to meet the high standards required by international meetings and conferences.

Having acquired in our control rich supply of equipment also gives us the ability to act with high level of liberty and this can be one of other reasons to make NguyenLe such a dynamic and successful company like today.

- Data projector

- Simuteneous system

- Office equipments

- Sound & light equipments

- Other support equipments