Designing and printing

Designing and printing are one of the services of strength of NguyenLe. We have always keeping ourselves up-to-date with new technologies and trends of the world and fully prepared ourselves to meet diverse and challenging demands of of international and domestic clients. Our products are always guaranteed to include the following features:

* High artistic value: our products are not only beautiful but also original and innovative that never repeat themselves.

* Informative: clear layout and content helps make the product attractive to readers.

* Clients satisfaction: we care for our client's views and feedback combined with our expertise and practical experience, we counsel our clients to turn out the best quality products.

* Designing and producing

- Stages

- Exhbition booths

Designing and producing printing materials for meetings and conferences:

- Participants' magnetic cards

- Other print cards

- Files, folders ...

- Handbook, portfolio, pen and other office publication

- Photocopying

Designing, printing, producing advertisements

- Publications, articles, reviews, brochures, leaflets and handouts

- Gift boxes

- Gifts