Held for two days from December 2 to 3, FPT Techday 2021 attracted more than 10,000 registered users with more than 5,000 participating businesses. More than 30% of these are medium and large enterprises in various fields such as information technology, finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing, etc.

In two days, FPT has brought many attractive and useful programs such as 1:1 consultation with experts of FPT Corporation; series of intensive seminars with 5 Tech4Business sessions and 6 Tech4Tech sessions; Green Smart City Exhibition (Green Smart City) on an online platform with 6 main components: Green Government, Green Enterprise, Green Education, Green Health, Green Life, Green Mobility; Technology arena through conquering two games “Avengers lockdown” for young people who love technology and “Code wars”” exclusively for Coders.

The participating units all shared the view that technology is the “key” to help businesses operate stably, smoothly and breakthrough in the future. Through FPT Techday 2021, they want to find appropriate technology solutions, applied in their field.