On the afternoon of December 30, the signing ceremony of cooperation in real estate conversion between Dat Xanh and FPT took place with the expectation of changing the backbone of Dat Xanh’s operation and business.

The project will be implemented comprehensively and comprehensively in all 6 areas of activities including finance, construction, business, human resource management, office and mobile applications. With this digital transformation process, Dat Xanh can standardize all business processes, report documents, centralize data into a highly transparent architectural system, thereby closely linking the transportation process. in production and business activities and corporate governance.

At the cooperation signing ceremony, Mr. Luong Tri Thin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dat Xanh Group, affirmed that the digital transformation process throughout from employees, managers to leaders is a must in the new era. He believes that the focus of this process is not only on technology but also on factors such as people, leadership thinking, and corporate culture.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FPT Corporation said that accompanying construction and real estate enterprises such as Dat Xanh in digital transformation is an important strategy of FPT. In which, FPT will become a strategic partner providing solutions and consulting for Dat Xanh with human resources of leading technology experts and autonomous technology capabilities.