On the evening of December 12, 2022, the Chinfon 2022 Customer Conference with the theme “CHINFON & I Emotion 30” took place in Nha Trang. The event welcomed the presence of General Director of Chiffon Cement Company to attend and speak.

During the journey of establishment and development, the company has constantly strived and developed in order to create a prestigious Chinfon Cement brand in the Vietnamese and international cement market. In particular, 2022 marked Chinfon’s 30-year journey of presence and conquering the Vietnamese market, and at the same time marked a close and friendly cooperation relationship between Chinfon Cement and distribution agents across the country. Chinfon has come closer to users, is present in many provinces and cities across the country and has become a prestigious brand, ranking in the top of the largest cement brands in the country and becoming the leading exporter of Vietnam’s cement industry up to the present time.

Although, 2022 is an extremely difficult year for the global economy, leading to many difficulties for businesses; in which Chinfon is not an exception. However, thanks to the help of the CFC along with the close attention and direction of Mr. Davy Loo, the new policies were applied. Agents still enjoy all benefits and full benefits from Chinfon Cement based on sales & business profits. With that spirit, the Company has had a year of 2022 with many difficulties and challenges but still has achieved remarkable results.