On November 4, 2022, the opening ceremony of ASMPT Vietnam branch in Hanoi took place. ASMPT is a global high-tech company with the vision of “Advancing the Digital World”, highlighting strong global cohesion and transformation; It is also a global technology and market leader.

Immediately after the pandemic, in the face of the rapid recovery of the global ASMPT, Vietnam was selected as a market that received many investment and development opportunities from the group because of its excellent achievements in the past years since its inception. The first is just a small company founded in 2016. This is a business with great potential, with the world’s demand for semiconductors and electronic equipment increasing. Vietnam is well positioned in this global market, where many domestic and international companies thrive in the high-tech manufacturing sector.

ASMPT will be the focal point for all solutions and tie up business activities in Vietnam as a global provider of hardware and software solutions for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. It is important to help the group’s customers and partners know more about ASMPT’s solutions and capabilities.