Nguyen Le Association Ltd.,

NguyenLe is a Vietnamese company that has been the company of choise in recent years to have been involved in providing event-related services, whether it is simply equipment supply or execution of a wide range of other so different but closely related activities, in many major and memorable events hosted by the Vietnamese Government, various ministries or central agencies, as well as many world leading companies, organisations or representative offices operating in Vietnam.

In our not very long history, NguyenLe has always been striving to achieve excellence and professionalism through our listless efforts, through both success and failures that we learn from the events that we have helped organise. Over the time, successes achieved are awarding and encouraging, of which the bottom line is the entire, unquestionable trust and peace of mind of the client in choosing NguyenLe in the delivery of services, equipment or event coordination. And NguyenLe has always proven that such selection of our clients is perfectly right, justifiable for the successful events that entail.

The growth of NguyenLe and the evolution of information technology today constitute the good reasons for us to launch this website. It is our expectations that you will find the information related to services and products you are looking for that NguyenLe can offer. It is our further expectations that after studying the information carefully you will come up with the decision to select our company to take care of the events you are planning or just thinking about.

It is our hope that the information available in this website also helps you not only to gain a better understanding about our company, the equipment available, the products and services that we offer but also learn about our style, a creative and innovative professionalism striving towards excellence and international standards and quality.

Any unexpected problems may surge in the course of any event, yet we would not let them persist but would handle with professionalism to overcome them. We expect your continued support and cooperation so that NguyenLe can evolve to achieve quality and excellence, in return we will be able to provide quality services to our clients.

We would like to assure that we take our Clients’ successes seriously and work to achieve them as our own successes.