The celebration of 45 years of the establishment of Vietnam Institute for Building Materials

On 04.11.2014, the Vietnam Institute for Building Materials, solemnly held 45-year anniversary of the establishment and the Independence Medal First Class. Attending the ceremony were Professor Nguyen Thi Doan – Member of the Party Central Committee, vice chairman of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Cao Lai Quang – Vice Minister of Construction; Nguyen Tran Nam – Deputy Minister of Construction, and the presence of the former members of the Ministry of Construction leaders, representatives of agencies and central departments, representatives of Vietnam Construction Group, representing the Party Executive the Executive Committee of Trade Union, Youth Union Executive Board of the Ministry of Construction, representing the Departments and Institutes under the Ministry of Construction, representatives of societies, associations, research institutions, universities – colleges, the businesses, the media and the generation of leaders and cadres of the Institute of Construction Materials (Building Materials).


At the ceremony, Mr. Luong Duc Long – Party Secretary, Institute of Building Materials has a speech reviewing the way the construction and development of the Institute for 45 years. Building Materials Institute, formerly known as the Institute of Silicate, was established on 11.04.1969 in the context of destructive war’s second North American empire with a total staff of 150 people. Although the facility has many shortages, but the Institute has embarked immediately on the research, design, meet the urgent needs of the construction materials industry will now.

Dated 16.01.1974, Institute of Silicate was added manpower, and renamed the Institute of Building Materials. During this period, the Institute has made changes in organizational structure, force development to suit the situation, advocates innovative markedly VII of the General Assembly Resolution. Institute has implemented many activities to serve the State management, the activities of scientific research (Research) for production and set many projects and design build construction materials production plant in nationwide. Besides, the Institute also expanded cooperation with foreign scientific research, such as the Soviet Union, India, Cuba. In particular, the Institute has helped the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia you in the planning and building material industry development investment.

In 1993, the block design are separated from the Institute for established businesses, and from here, Building Materials Institute moved to a new stage, the stage of scientific research to serve industrialization and modernization of the country, technological innovation produced in the spirit of Resolution VII TW 7 (07.30.1994). From 1994 to today, our country construction material industry has developed rapidly in scale of production, type, quality and product design. Development including the significant contribution of the Institute of Building Materials. Besides the focus on product research, new technology, Building Materials Institute also actively giving programs improve the quality of training for skilled technicians, laboratory workers and employees working in the factories, laboratories across the country, contributing significantly to master modern technology, operational reach design capacity with high quality products.



In parallel with the work of scientific research, training, Building Materials Institute also participated in many professional activities and other social activities, actively participate in sports and cultural activities, charity and deployment results Research into production in the form of income-generating activities to generate funds for re-investment in the development and improve the living conditions for civil servants.

Business investment and development institute always be the generation of leaders concerned Institute. To date Building Materials Institute has two research facilities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Under the plan, in 2015 the Institute will begin construction of two in Henan Province.

Through 45 years of development and growth, so far, the Institute has risen to become the pioneer of scientific research, application, development and technology transfer in the field of construction materials; while formulating strategies, planning, planning, policy development, the normative documents, regulations and standards for building materials for the Ministry of Construction.

Noting the achievements of collective staff’s dedication Building Materials Institute in the past 45 years, the Party and the State was awarded many honors and honors for groups and individuals. Specifically, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of its founding, the Institute of Building Materials honor to Vice President of Independence Medal First Class.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam – Member of the Party Commission, Deputy Minister of Construction congratulations to all staff: Building Materials Institute. He said, in the country’s development towards industrialization and modernization aims by 2020 our country is essentially industrialized countries, the construction industry has worked hard, trying to participate in the nation-building in which to meet the demand for raw materials for the construction, building materials manufacturing industry has experienced spectacular growth.

Vietnam is considered as one of the powerful countries in the fields of materials production. Achieve such performance, besides the mechanisms and policies of the Party and State have created the business environment, research and investment is suitable for investors at home and abroad also have the ability the creation of enterprises, which can not fail to mention the role of the Institute of Building Materials.

From the early days of the Institute of Building Materials unit was strong in research, design, and technology transfer, training, and especially the recent Institute has developed a very good work of planning the development of building materials from the local level to the national level. The institute also has new step in the transfer of research and applications towards a green environment, save energy, make use of the waste, as it is a natural resource and turned into raw material for the production of all kinds Building material. Deputy Minister Nguyen Tran Nam also asked the leaders to put more effort Institute, the staff gathers scientific research, the civil servants and employees, close links with local businesses and foreign scientific research institutions to promote scientific research applied research results into practical production, driven and business-oriented building materials according to the development trend of the world.




Representatives of the partners of the Institute, Mr. Ton Anh Thi, CEO of the Corporation of drilling fluids and petroleum products, said the unit had a close cooperation with the Institute since 1998. The company has always received the coordination closely, effective cooperation between the Institute of Building Materials. He appreciated the spirit of responsibility, qualifications of the scientific staff of the Institute. Two units have studied successful production wells cement products, to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. Building Materials Institute supports professional training for staff of technicians, the lab’s member companies. Cement products not only promote wells in the domestic market but also has the potential to export to the world market. This is clear proof for the fruitful cooperation between scientific research and business units.

Can say, although already achieved a certain number of achievements, but to meet the growing requirements of the State and society, Building Materials Institute staff’s collective need positive, further efforts to improve and building organizational structures and modes of operation in accordance with the overall development of the sector and the country. With 45 years of historical tradition, Building Materials Institute believes that under the guidance and assistance of the Ministry of Construction, in collaboration with local authorities, businesses and scientists, the Institute of Building Materials’ll definitely growing contribute more to the development of building materials industry of the country; worthy of being the pioneer in the field of building materials in Vietnam, was the center of science and technology of building materials have advanced degrees in the region and the world.

(Source: Vietnam Institute for Building Materials)